Explanations & Guidelines

Pricing & Charges

Annapolis Transportation Solutions prides itself not only on our superior, timely and courteous service but also on the fact that we do not “nickel & dime” our clients. We have set flat rates for all of our trips/vehicles and will never charge hidden fees for extra passengers, baggage, tolls or fuel. 

Airport Pickup Instructions

ATS provides inside or curbside pickup. If you would like your driver to meet you inside the airport holding a sign, there will be an additional $10 fee and you must request this service when you make your reservation. If you would like to be picked up curbside, make sure that you have provided ATS with a working cell phone number. The driver will contact you by cell phone when he arrives at the airport to pick you up. When your plane has landed please check your text messages and/or voicemail for a message from your driver. Respond to your driver and he/she will coordinate the best pickup spot for you at the curb. If you do not receive a message from your driver, please call the main line and we will assist you. Additionally, you can request your driver's name and number prior to your trip by emailing us. Please note that the schedule is usually not completed until the night before. 

Incoming Flight Delays

We do our best to track your incoming flight and make sure we are there to pick you up. If your plane is delayed prior to your departure, the following applies. For delays up to 60 minutes, you will not be charged and there is no need to contact the office ahead of time. For longer delays, it is important that you contact us and try to reschedule your pickup as we cannot guarantee that we will have availability; this will be on a case-by-case basis and you will not incur additional charges for rescheduling. After your plane has arrived, if you are delayed on the tarmac or in customs or baggage for less than 60 minutes, there will be no additional charges. For international flights, this time is extended to 1 hour 30 minutes. For “in airport” delays over those time limits, waiting charges will apply at a rate of $60/hr which will be prorated down to the minute.

Multiple Flight Arrivals

If you are sharing car service with another person or a group of people and are arriving on different flights, we need the flight information for all flights. If you do not provide all flight numbers and the driver has to wait for unknown delayed flights, you may incur “waiting charges” as outlined below.

Reservation Times

Our drivers do their best to arrive 15 minutes early for every trip. This is to ensure our timeliness and make you feel more comfortable. Please do not feel pressured into leaving before your reservation time.

Regular Transportation

When you make a reservation for transportation to/from an airport or location, please be aware that the prices given are based on a straight trip from point A to point B. If you need to make a quick stop at a convenience store or to use a restroom along the way, that is perfectly understandable and the driver will be more than reasonable with reasonable requests. However, if you request service that includes extra mileage or excessive time, you or your driver will have to call dispatch for approval and pricing.

Local Transportation

Since we are Annapolis based, we define “local trips” as trips that are to/from Annapolis and Annapolis, Riva, Crownsville, Arnold and Cape St. Claire. Due to the nature of our service, while your trip may be short, we do have minimum trip charges. Unlike a taxi service, we will never charge you extra fees based on traffic/travel time. If you would like the driver to stop and/or make multiple trips in one vehicle (such as a large group going to a nearby restaurant) we may able to accommodate you provided you have not used the grace period and the total trip time stays under 40 minutes.

Grace Period

It is important that our drivers are there on time but it is also important that our clients do their best to be on time for their reservations. There is a 15 minute grace period for all non-hourly transportation. The grace period begins at the scheduled reservation time and ends 15 minutes later. Once a client has exceeded this grace period, they will be billed “waiting charges” as outlined below.

Waiting Charges

Waiting charges are not pro-rated. Waiting charges are set up in ten minute blocks at a rate of $20.

Hourly Transportation

For hourly transportation, the driver and vehicle will wait with you at any and all locations and make as many stops/trips as you desire without extra charges or worry about grace periods. There is a three hour minimum trip time for all hourly service. The first three hours are included in the price and additional hours will be prorated at the stated rate. Hourly trips are calculated from the scheduled reservation time until all passengers have been dropped off at the original location.

Venue Parking Fees

During “hourly trips” if a client requests that a driver wait at a concert/sports venue or any other location that charges for parking, it is the client’s responsibility to plan and pay for such parking ahead of time or during the trip. Our drivers do not carry credit cards or cash for venue parking.

Cancellation Policy

If you have made a reservation and will no longer need our services, please let us know as soon as you know. We understand that life happens quickly so we do not require 24 hours notice for cancellation. Out of respect for our client’s personal lives and business, our only set policy is that you must notify us before our driver and vehicle have left the lot to pick you up. If the driver is on his way or is already on site, we may have to charge a cancellation fee. This fee will not exceed fifty percent of the total reservation cost.

Miscellaneous Policy

Customer shall be liable for all damages to the vehicle sustained during the customer’s rental. Such damages include; spillage of any kind, burns, rips or tears, damages done to any electrical and power equipment, and broken glasses. A standard $250.00 service fee will be applied to clean any vomit in the vehicle.

Annapolis Tranportation Solutions reserves the right, without any liability to the amounts due, to discharge any passenger(s) who interferes with the safety of the vehicle.

Annapolis Transportation Solutions is not liable for any damages arising out of our inability to perform due to inclement weather, mechanical difficulties, delays due to traffic, or any unforeseen events beyond our control.